Wednesday, June 27, 2018

National Space Lottery Petition

IN PHILADELPHIA, June 23, 2018
WHEREAS:  The budding industry of space tourism has been geared toward the most wealthy; and
WHEREAS:  Most people will never have the chance or the experience to behold firsthand the grandeur of the Earth from orbit or to see with their own eyes the world in its entirety; and
WHEREAS:  The New Frontier was not given to the smallest number but to all mankind; and
WHEREAS:  Every person should be given the opportunity to fulfill their dream, including those wishing to travel into space; and
WHEREAS:  Those who can afford to go into space the least—including artists, writers, and teachers—are needed the most to proclaim and to publicize the promise and the vision of pioneering the Space Frontier; now therefore be it
RESOLVED:  That we, the members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Space Society, known locally as the NSS Philadelphia Area Space Alliance, do unanimously call for the National Space Society’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors, in cooperation with corporate sponsors, to take action to enable a National Space Lottery, from which the winning ticket or tickets will authorize the awarding of a flight into space; and that such ticket or tickets will be entirely transferable, even to one’s favorite school,  if the ticket winner or winners wishes to do so.
WE TAKE THIS ACTION:  To give everyone a chance to fulfill their dream of space flight; to help engage the public about our exciting Space Age; and to declare to the world that we, the people of the United States, do not turn our back on those of limited financial resources; but rather that we give them the chance to truly reach for the stars.
UNTO THIS END:  And with this vote now cast, we hereby pledge our unwavering support for this petition.   And to all who shall win a space flight, and who never thought they would have a chance in their lifetime, LET THEM GO UP.   AD ASTRA.                                                                       .

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

NSS PASA outreach table at the Franklin Institute

National Space Society (Philly chapter members) staffing a table at the Franklin Institute 4/24/18. — with Steven Conoly.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Carver Science Fair

Earl presents award to Joshua

Mike Fisher presents the Arthur Garner Achievement Award